Commander’s Corner

Our Hearts and Thoughts are with our NAS Pensacola Family.

Commander’s Corner

Teamwork is important when tackling future events at Post 240 during the Covid-19 restrictions placed upon us.  The Auxiliary, Riders, and Sons have been taking into consideration all of the extra precautions needed when coordinating future events. 

I would like to thank Joe Bodmer, our former Lounge Manager, as well as our new Lounge Manager Alison McCarthy, Sally and Ray Jernigan of Sally J’s Kitchen, and all of the Bingo Hall staff for making great strides in developing and enforcing our social distancing rules, all while pegging the “Fun Meter”.   

Keeping our doors open for you, our Legion Family, is at the forefront of the decisions we make every day.  Staying open allows us, as a Team, to complete the mission of the American Legion: “The American Legion strengthens our communities, states and nation with programs and services for our veterans, the military and their families.” 

Funding for these programs and services is derived from the hard work performed by you, the volunteer.  We all enjoy the fund raisers provided by our Legionnaires, Auxiliary, Riders, and Sons every week.  You continue to see the same faces behind these events’ week after week, and God bless them for their tireless efforts.  So, next time you seen them hard at it, please take a moment and thank them for donating their precious time and skills. Unfortunately, they do get burned out quickly, as we all would.  If we do not get more volunteers to relieve them every once in a while, the time will come when our schedule will become inevitably and noticeably lighter for lack of people willing to do this vital work.  So please, if you have a couple of hours to spare during the week, speak to those volunteers to ask what you can do to assist in helping accomplish our mission. Who knows, you might even enjoy it.

By the way, have you noticed, we are gaining new members every day at the Legion.   Some Active Duty and some retired, but always Family.  As American troops continue to battle terrorists on the far side of the globe, many are returning home as hardened veterans of a different kind of war.  They join their predecessors of other wars in earning the honored title of “American Veteran”.  We welcome them all as Family.  If you find yourself sitting down next to someone you haven’t met yet, please introduce yourself.  Share a story, a laugh, a memory, and all the way, a new friend.  If it were not for the brave few that introduced themselves to me when I first sat down at Post 240, I would not be in the position I am at today.   I thank you all! 

Again, for all the latest news and happenings, come to our Post 240’s website at:

— Steve Stillwell, Commander

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