Commander’s Corner

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To All

The holidays are finally upon us in all their glitzy, LED-bedazzled, Christmas-themed Muzak glory.  We now get to enjoy the thrill of spending hours, days, or maybe even weeks with our loved ones, distant relations, friends, and pets.  Not to be missed, however, much less forgotten, we’ll also have the Amazons, Targets and Walmarts of the world making sure we don’t miss hearing all about the “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday” and who knows what other sales opportunities retailers will serve up to get us to part ways with what’s in our wallets.  Yes, this is the month to celebrate rabid consumerism in all its unbounded optimism.

But lest we forget, this is also a time of year when many of our fellow veterans here in Pensacola, including some with families, won’t be hearing Santa’s sleigh bells, or partaking of the gifts so many of us take for granted during the holidays.  As fortunate as many of us here at Post 240 are, there are many of our fellow citizens in Pensacola who are not.  Be they hurt or otherwise in ill health, finding themselves in temporary financial straits or worse, or just waking up to the realization that they are alone again for the holidays with no one to share with them the blessings of this most festive season of the year.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  There are little things we can all do to brighten the holidays for those less fortunate.  A “Buddy-Check” call or visit is a great way to reconnect with and reinvigorate a veteran in your neighborhood.  We all know some, and if you don’t, we here at Post 240 can help with names and phone numbers of Post members who we’ve not seen lately and maybe lost touch with and/or need to reach out to again.

There’s also the Post 240 Auxiliary’s Angel Tree and similar outreach efforts aimed at trying to provide some of the many underprivileged children and their families here in Pensacola with not just presents and gifts, but also with the foodstuffs needed to help make their holiday meal a little more nourishing and thankful.  There’s also the homeless shelters here in Pensacola, especially those that emphasize service to veterans and their families.  Perhaps you’ve noticed the coat and jacket collection box in our Lounge.  We hope to make many a deserving person’s day here in Pensacola a little brighter, and warmer, this holiday season.  Join your fellow veterans and Post Officers here at Post 240 this holiday season as we seek to remember those less fortunate and hold true to one of our core American Legion values and pillars:  that of service to our community.

But before I close, I just want to give a huge Shout-Out to Alex “Stretch” Barber, who did just an incredible job of heading-up and managing the Thanksgiving For The Troops event at the Post on Thursday, November 28th.  We are blessed to have him as a Post 240 member!  I also want to thank all of our donors for their gracious donations of turkeys, hams, entrees, sides, and baked goods, especially Publix’s at Innerarity Point.  Their generosity was inspiring.  As always, for the latest up-to-the-minute news, follow along with Post 240’s website at:

— Dave Forsman