Commander’s Corner

What a fun September we just went through! Fall always brings the start of fabulous sports entertainment. From the kickoff to another Football season, with the fans of Florida and Alabama, not to mention so many others, already bringing their full-throated celebrations for all to hear. And lest we forget, an exciting baseball season has wound down towards the playoffs, with two (somewhat?) local teams in Tampa (the Rays) and Atlanta (the Braves) making runs at another World Series ring! On top of that, we have the college and professional hoops and hockey seasons kicking-off
in the month of October. What a great time to be a sports fan, right?

But not to be outdone, our Post is looking at the start of a number of initiatives for the Fall 2019 season. From Meat Bingo, brought to you jointly by the Riders and the Auxiliary; to the return of Lounge Bingo happening on each Monday’s at 1800, that’s 6:00pm for you Air Force grads, which, not so inconsequentially, also enjoys the support of the Auxiliary’s new Pot Luck Mondays. Not to be outdone, the Rider’s Grill is still going strong with their Taco Tuesdays. It all guarantees great chances for more fun times and comradery with friends all while enjoying some great comfort foods.

Some may ask, “so now what’s the difference between the American Legion and the AMVETS?”  Today, from an eligibility standpoint, not much.  But eventually, hostilities will be declared at an end, and when that happens, unlike the AMVETS, the window of eligibility to join the American Legion going forward will close.  Until that day comes, however, it is incumbent on us all to let every veteran we come in contact with know about this fabulous opportunity to join the premier veterans organization in the world.

In other news, we want to thank Bill Evans for his service on the House Committee. Bill has moved on to another Post, and I for one am sure he’ll bring his own inimitable style to helping that Post just as he did here with us.

Did you know that a huge change to the membership requirements for the American Legion Auxiliary took place during the Legion’s 101st National Convention held in Indianapolis this past month. Changes were made to the Legion’s Constitution and Bylaws, essentially replacing the words “wife” with “spouse”. The American Legion, which is chartered by the U.S. Congress, itself created and chartered the Auxiliary, which means that it does not need Congressional authorization to make the change, only the approval of the Legion itself via our Constitution and Bylaws. Effective September 1st, the change now allows any spouse of a Legionnaire to join the Auxiliary regardless of their sex—yes, that means husbands can now join the Auxiliary. This significant change in our Constitution, when taken together with Congress’s passage of the Legion Act of 2019 allowing any honorably discharged member of the military since World War II to join the Legion, means we now have the untapped potential to enlist more than 4.5 million new members to the Legion and our Auxiliary.

Lastly, I want to throw a shout-out to our Adjutant for all of the work he’s putting in to keep us all informed and up-to-speed with Post 240 events. And to make better use of his efforts at maintaining this newsletter, our website, the lounge video board and more, please jot down your email address and put it in his inbox in the lounge so he can add you to our Post’s email roster. You’ll receive the newsletter electronically, as well as other announcements from the Chaplain, Historian and others. As always, for the latest up -to-the-minute news, follow along with Post 240’s website at:

— Dave Forsman