Commander’s Corner

Well, this past month, on March 15th to be precise, the American Legion celebrated its 100th anniversary, and began to look forward to our next century of service to our fellow veterans, our youth, and our nation.     

Speaking of looking to the future, it’s that time of year again when we start accepting nominations for election to our various Post Officer positions.  The election for all positions is in May.  These positions really don’t require any exorbitant commitment of your time and energy, just a willingness to serve your fellow Legionnaires and their families using the skills and abilities you already possess. 

Do you have construction trade skills, well perhaps a position on the House Committee is for you—and no, you won’t actually do the plumbing or electrical work, just understand what is involved so you can effectively guide the contractors we hire.  Are you a skilled bookkeeper or just handy with numbers and finances, well you might be a perfect fit as our next Finance Officer or maybe our First Vice Commander.  Are you adept at organizing and planning social events, then you sound like someone who would be great as a Second Vice Commander.  You can find all of our Post positions described on our website, so I encourage you to take a look and see how a small commitment of your time can result in a huge benefit to so many.  Take a look at:

— Dave Forsman